Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Eating Organic... Is it enough?

Now this is a very interesting topic; "Eating Organic"

Every now and then I talk to someone who believes that they are extremely healthy because they eat all organic foods. I have been a person who has always felt the need and importance of supplementation. Supplementation is just that supplementing your diet with nutrients that are missing and that which we need in order have optimal health. The foods we eat are not just depleted of nutrients because of processing but also because our soils are depleted of nutrients.

Just imagine, you sit down to lunch or dinner with a wonderful spinach salad with sunflower seeds and slivered almonds for protein and a dressing made of safflower oil. You are thinking how great and healthy this is and you would be right it is healthy but are you getting all the nutrients you need for optimal health and are you getting the right amount of nutrients?

Consider what you must eat to receive an optimal amount of 400 IU of vitamin E, one of the most powerful oxidation defense agents for conquering free radicals:

you would need to consume 3.3 pounds of Spinach,

or 1.2 pounds of Sunflower Seeds,

or 5.2 pounds of Wheat Germ,

or 2.2 pounds of Almonds,

or 1 quart of Safflower Oil.

Now, I don't know about you but that would be impossible for me to do.

Please read the amazing and true story below. This is from a person with a very real experience.

"Eating Organic . . . Hope this story helps others.

In Oregon (1975) I had an organic garden and orchard. For several years I didn’t feed my family anything from a box, bottle jar or can. We grew it, ground it, sprouted it and dehydrated it. For example our salad dressings were made from organic sunflower seeds, seasonings (all organic, most grown in our garden) and lemon juice. My bread I baked was from sprouted wheat, etc, etc, etc.

Then we bought a natural food store where we sold organic everything! I taught nutrition classes and thought we would be getting all that we needed from the amazing food we were eating.

Fast forward to the mid 90's when I have a medical problem. I go six years undiagnosed until I find Sanoviv. After two days they told me I had mercury poisoning and was low in nutrients. If I was low in nutrients, what is the rest of the nation?

The doctor’s gave me a big handful of supplements to take and six years later I am most appreciative of my well-being!

Love this company and use almost every single product they manufacture!"

From Laura Brownwood, CA
So don't let Doctor's, nutritionist, friends or family try to tell you that you get everything you need from the food you eat.

The next thing you need are supplements from a company that manufactures 100% pure and 100% potent vitamins. You need to know that they dissolve easily and are bio-available and are absorbed by the cells in your body.

The company the woman in the story is referring to is USANA Health Sciences

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