Saturday, October 3, 2009

What most people don't know.....

What most people don't know is I love to write. I haven't written in some time. My husband misses my poetry and I miss writing, period. Life has pretty much been a blur the first 4 years of our marriage. We are on our 5th year now. You know what it feels like when you ride a roller coaster or a tilta-whirl? Well, having a blended family with 2 of your own kids whom you know, love and understand mixed with boys you try to understand and a new husband can be much like those rides.

Of course everyone and I repeat everyone comes into the mix with their own issues and I will skip the details and bring you to where we are at now.

I have 2 step sons who dislike (Hate would be their word)me. Both are out of the house thank goodness. It is not fun living with people who don't like you no matter what you do. One is in the Army and wants to change his name and disown himself from All of us and the other is somewhere.

I have an adopted child who is my husbands biological son. (The other two are my husbands adopted sons.) John, my adopted son was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome Disorder. He is 13. I will share stories on this blog because I know what we have gone through and I know that there are many others out there raising "Aspies."

I have a beautiful daughter from my first marriage who is 16 and growing more beautiful, more self assured, more independent and more into her own everyday.

I have a 20 year old son also from my first marriage who impresses me more and more as I watch him learn his business, work his business and grow his business. He has partnered with a world renowned company (like his mother) and is growing a young team of Entrepreneurs.

Life in this blended family can be wonderful, exciting and many times a mystery.

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Have a beautiful day and hug all those you love and care about.

Sincerely, Sue

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Eating Organic... Is it enough?

Now this is a very interesting topic; "Eating Organic"

Every now and then I talk to someone who believes that they are extremely healthy because they eat all organic foods. I have been a person who has always felt the need and importance of supplementation. Supplementation is just that supplementing your diet with nutrients that are missing and that which we need in order have optimal health. The foods we eat are not just depleted of nutrients because of processing but also because our soils are depleted of nutrients.

Just imagine, you sit down to lunch or dinner with a wonderful spinach salad with sunflower seeds and slivered almonds for protein and a dressing made of safflower oil. You are thinking how great and healthy this is and you would be right it is healthy but are you getting all the nutrients you need for optimal health and are you getting the right amount of nutrients?

Consider what you must eat to receive an optimal amount of 400 IU of vitamin E, one of the most powerful oxidation defense agents for conquering free radicals:

you would need to consume 3.3 pounds of Spinach,

or 1.2 pounds of Sunflower Seeds,

or 5.2 pounds of Wheat Germ,

or 2.2 pounds of Almonds,

or 1 quart of Safflower Oil.

Now, I don't know about you but that would be impossible for me to do.

Please read the amazing and true story below. This is from a person with a very real experience.

"Eating Organic . . . Hope this story helps others.

In Oregon (1975) I had an organic garden and orchard. For several years I didn’t feed my family anything from a box, bottle jar or can. We grew it, ground it, sprouted it and dehydrated it. For example our salad dressings were made from organic sunflower seeds, seasonings (all organic, most grown in our garden) and lemon juice. My bread I baked was from sprouted wheat, etc, etc, etc.

Then we bought a natural food store where we sold organic everything! I taught nutrition classes and thought we would be getting all that we needed from the amazing food we were eating.

Fast forward to the mid 90's when I have a medical problem. I go six years undiagnosed until I find Sanoviv. After two days they told me I had mercury poisoning and was low in nutrients. If I was low in nutrients, what is the rest of the nation?

The doctor’s gave me a big handful of supplements to take and six years later I am most appreciative of my well-being!

Love this company and use almost every single product they manufacture!"

From Laura Brownwood, CA
So don't let Doctor's, nutritionist, friends or family try to tell you that you get everything you need from the food you eat.

The next thing you need are supplements from a company that manufactures 100% pure and 100% potent vitamins. You need to know that they dissolve easily and are bio-available and are absorbed by the cells in your body.

The company the woman in the story is referring to is USANA Health Sciences

If you are interested in doing your due diligence then I recommend going to my web site; for more information on Nutritionals You Can Trust!

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In good health and happiness,

Friday, January 30, 2009

Safe and Still Delicious

Safe and Still Delicious
null As usual USANA proves to be the BEST. We can always rest easy when it comes to trusting our health and the health of our family to USANA.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently announced concerns regarding salmonella contamination of peanut butter and peanut butter products. Be assured that these warnings do not apply to USANA’s Peanut Butter Crunch Nutrition Bar. USANA does not source its peanut butter ingredients from the supplier that the FDA has identified as a potential source of salmonella contamination. In addition, both USANA and its bar manufacturer conduct microbiological tests on each finished batch of Peanut Butter Crunch bars as well as on the raw ingredients that go into the product. The tests we conduct include specific assays for salmonella, as well as for other common microbiological contaminants. We will continue to keep abreast of this situation. But importantly, USANA Associates can be confident that their USANA products have been thoroughly tested and are salmonella-free.

These bars are so delicious and being that they do not spike your blood sugar like a candy bar, I can eat one and not crave more sweets later.

These bars and the Oatmeal Raisin Bars are a much better choice for not only us adults but for our kids. So many of the snack bars and cereal bars we let our kids eat are so full of sugar, partially hydrogenated oil, msg and salt.

Are the USANA bars more expensive? Absolutely! You get what you pay for and quite frankly I choose to not put a price tag on my families health or mine. I would not put crappy gas or oil in my automobile so why would I feed my family crappy food.

Please, don't hesitate, click on my website at the top right corner of this page or simply click on the title of this message and go to shop to place your order TODAY!

Peace, Health and Happiness always,

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Not JUST Flax Seed

OK, as if Flax seed were not already really healthy now we have something even better. This product is so amazing. I absolutely love it. It is called OptOmega by USANA Health Sciences.

I call this heart health in a bottle. Being a Physical Therapist Assistant and learning about heart disease and what contributes to it helped me to see the value in the OptOmega. There are many factors that contribute to heart disease but I will keep this a simple article.

Basically when the arterial walls become inflamed our body finds a way to repair the damage caused from the inflammation. The repair that the body does contributes to the plaque build up because it uses the low density lipo-proteins (LDL Cholesterol) in the blood to patch and repair the surface of the arterial wall. Much like repairing your wall when there are wholes or dings in it.

The LDL that is flowing in your blood keeps on attaching or sticking to the patch it made on the arterial wall which becomes blockage.

The wonderful thing about USANA having a founder who has a PH D in Microbiology and Immunology is that he knows and understands how our system works and he found a way to help our cells of our body to stay healthier.

The OptOmega is a combination of seeds; Flax, Sunflower and Pumpkin.

OptOmega is stabilized with a potent blend of antioxidants , including E-Prime, Rosemary and Turmeric, and phenols from extra-virgin olive oil.
This provides a balance of essential fatty acids, Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9.

"Of all the antioxidants, vitamin E may offer the greatest protection against heart disease because of it's ability to imbed itself into the LDL- cholesterol molecule and protect it from oxidative damage." From the Nutrisearch Comparative Guide To Nutritional Supplements
By Lyle Mac William MSc, FP

When the plaque becomes hard due to oxidation and it breaks free it is then a clot floating in your blood.

It is good to eat healthy, exercise, and take quality nutritional supplements.
OptOmega is essential for general health and well-being.

All of the oils used in the OptOmega are certified ORGANIC by the Washington State Department of Agriculture.

OptOmega is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

To order or take a closer look at this supplement just click on the title of this article and you will be brought to my website.

Feel free to contact me via my website.

As always talk to your health care professional before using a product.

In good health,

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Liver Support

Highlighting the USANA's Hepisil DTX

It is mainly for Liver support to balance detoxification processes within the body.
Milk-thistle extract provides dual action, stimulating liver enzymes and protecting against oxidative stress.
Additional antioxidants from green-tea extract, olives, and turmeric provide further antioxidant protection.
I learned, from a Doctor who mainstreamed USANA into his practice, that there are so many other benefits as well because of the key ingredients.

Key ingredients;
Turmeric extract which is a super antioxidant also has natural anti-inflammatory properties.

N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine is an essential precursor for glutathione. Glutathione scavenges free radicals inside and outside the cell. This is beneficial for all the cells in our body. So this gives us total body wellness.

Those are just a few. The most important thing to remember is that these supplements are guaranteed 100% pure and 100% potent and that is why a person can actually feel a difference after a couple months of taking them.

To place an order go to my personal USANA website by clicking on the link at the upper right corner or by clicking on the title of the article.

For 2 months in a row I have felt an immediate benefit when I had menstrual cramps and took the Hepisil DTX. My cramps where gone and I felt great.
The past 2 days I have been drinking more tea than usual and I started to feel some arthritic pain in my back due to the dehydration from the tea and acidity level in my body from the caffeine in the tea. So I took some Hepasil DTX and my back felt better.
A week ago I did some really strenuous Yoga and the next day I was sore so I took Hepasil DTX and it was amazing how much of the soreness went away by night fall.

You can learn more about USANA Health Sciences vis my website.

Coming next the OptOmega, a balance of omega 3 and omega 6. Now I call this heart health in a bottle. Stay tuned to find out why?

Stay healthy and love life and live life to the fullest!

PS you can contact me via my website.

Disclaimer; This article is not meant to diagnose or treat an illness. Always speak with your medical professional first.


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